Escape Hair Studio is proud to offer additional services to compliment your own look and style. We offer Hair, Massage, Skincare, Sugaring, Waxing, Microblading, Permanent Makeup, Bridal and light shopping.

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Hair Cuts and Styles
(Starting Prices)

Women – $35.00
Children under 12 – $25.00
Men – $20.00
Haircut with color service – $25.00
Shampoo/blowout (without haircut) – $25.00
Bangs trim – Complimentary

Color/Chemical Services
(Starting Prices)

New growth color touch-up – $55.00
All over color – $75.00
Accent foil  –  $45.00
Partial foil – $80.00
Partial foil/new growth touch-up -$105.0b
Full foil/all over color – $150.00
Balayage – $40.00/hour + color

Conditioning Services

Starting prices – $25.00

Let us analyze your hair and scalp and prescribe the perfect treatment to remedy your hair woes.


​Brow: $15
Brow tinting: $15
Lip or Chin: $10
Brow/Lip combo: $20


Microblading or Soft Tap: Starting at $275
Eyeliner: $225 Top or Bottom

Final cost provided after consultation.

A touch up appointment is needed for the brow or liner to ensure complete coverage and lasting color. It is included in the price and should be completed no later than 6 weeks after the initial appointment.



All services and pricing can be found at
317-529-1458 Ask for Sharie.

All services and pricing can be found by visiting – 269-221-1394.

Getting Married?

We would be honored to be a part of your special day! Please call us (317-286-7125) to schedule. Want something just for you and your girls? Book a private room for $100.

Special Occasion Style (Wedding, prom etc):
Partial up-work (starting at): $45
Full up-work (starting at): $65

Airbrush Makeup:
Airbrush (includes lash strip) $60
​ Travel fee for weddings (hair/makeup) $50

What is Microblading? (with Kelsie)

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that fills in areas of your brow. This is done using a very fine blade to place pigments into the dermal layer of the skin.

How long will it last?
Up to two years. Unlike traditional tattoos, microblading doesn’t use a needle, so ink won’t deposit as deeply beneath the epidermis.

What will my brows look like?
Thanks to a fine microblade, our specialist is able to manually create feather-like strokes that mimic natural hair. It’s a great way to fill in gaps and scares, and really reconstruct the brows for a more even, defined look.

Is the process painful?
​Not really. While tattoos require a certain pain threshold, most microblading clients find the treatment fairly tolerable.

Is there any downtime?
​Nope! We will send you home with all the aftercare knowledge you will need to insure you feel confident in taking care of your healing brows.

Can I still use my current makeup products?
While microblading will reduce the time you spend on your brows sometimes we as women like to change it up a bit and you can still use your favorite brow products to pump up the drama. Want a more permanent dramatic brow? We can do that too using a microblading/ombre shading technique!

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Microblading and Permanent Makeup (with Heather)

What is permanent makeup?
Permanent makeup, also known as Intradermal Pigmentation or micropigmentation , is a revolutionary method of applying natural pigments into the dermal layer of skin. This innovative technique is a safe and quick answer to your daily makeup routine. Permanent makeup is also used for an array of cosmetic enhancements such as permanent eyebrows, eye liner and most recently Microblading and natural method of adding hair like strokes to resemble hair.

How long does it last?
Permanent makeup can last anywhere from 2-8 years. This is really dependent on people, lifestyle and colors used.

How long will it take?
​While this time varies based, usually 1-2 hours is average.

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